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Emma O'Kane Pageant photo by Ros Kavanagh
Emma O'Kane Francis Footwork photo Hugo Glendinning
Emma O'Kane Bursary



A huge thank you to the following people and organisations for their support to keep her ethos and spirit alive & support artistic ambition through this independent bursary.

Julian Erskine, Natasha Souter Johnson, Ste Murray, In memory of Eleanor Crowe Carey, Elma Cusack, Eleanor Methven, Eileen Sheridan, Sara Keating, Eimer Murphy, Laurie Uprichard, Alyth McCormack and Noel Eccles, David Bolger, Vincent Woods, Irish Wheelchair Association,Martin Cahill, Alexis Nealon, Patrick Redmond, Siobhan Griffin, Jeanette Keane,  Yvette Monahan, Colette Tuite Gallagher, Finola O'Driscoll, Dermot Magennis, Sotiria Theodoropoulou, Anica Shawbrook, Charlie Welsh, Peter Hanly, Clare Creely, Michelle Cahill, Niamh Shaw, Justine Doswell, Pavilion Theatre, Diane McDonald, Carla Harper, Jacqueline Strawbridge, Hugh O'Kane, Michael and Liz Welsh, Evelyn Bradley, Garret O'Kane, Breige O'Kane, Conor Linehan, Catharina Louw, Dance Theatre of Ireland, Ballet Ireland, QLX Lighting.

And all those who wish to remain anonymous.


Keep Emma O’Kane’s legacy and ethos alive by supporting artistic ambition. Sustain her spirit – make a gift now. Thank You. DONATE NOW >>



The Emma O’Kane Bursary has been set up by the following organisations and individuals with the support of her immediate family. Emma’s independent spirit lies at the heart of this initiative. The bursary is managed on a day to day basis by CoisCéim Dance Theatre at 42 Fairview Strand.


  • Muirne Bloomer

  • David Bolger

  • Jim Culleton

  • Niamh O'Donnell

  • Lynnette Moran

  • Bridget Webster

  • Janice McAdam (Strategic Facilitator)

  • Siobhan Griffin (Graphic Design)

  • Justine Doswell  (Website Construction)


Please see BIOGRAPHIES for more information on the people involved in the bursary.




A very special thank you to Joy, Lydia, Nick and to the following people who went above and beyond to enable this bursary to come into existence - it is highly appreciated.

Christopher Ash
Denis Clohessy
Caoimhe Coburn Gray

Jason Coogans
Justine Cooper
Vincent Doherty
Paul Donnelly
Hugo Glendinning
Olive Heffernan
Ros Kavanagh

Sarah Keane
Sarah Latty
Lisa Mahony
Mags Mulvey
Sinead McKenna
Dr. Lisa McLoughlin
Yvette Monahan
Niall O’Connell
Laura Rainsford
Pat Redmond
Mick Stapleton
Luca Truffarelli


The set up of Emma O’Kane Bursary was made possible through a Collaborative Capacity Building Award from the Arts Council of Ireland.  ​

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