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Emma O'Kane Pageant photo by Ros Kavanagh
Emma O'Kane Bursary


VISUAL RESOURCESThrough a Collaborative Capacity Building Award from the Arts Council of Ireland, seven commissions to embed the sublime artistry of Emma O’Kane into this bursary through a series of Visual Resources were made. The core objective of these resources are to:

  • spotlight Emma’s extraordinary skill and ethos across the full physical language spectrum 

  • permanently enable Emma’s voice & approach to enrich the experience for the bursary recipients to develop their practice.  

  • elucidate her ethos & permanently connect her practice to the bursary through the artistic voices of some of her key collaborators

ELLA CLARKE Commission

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


In addition to the Visual Resources, bursary recipients will be able to avail of up to five mentoring sessions to advance their own practice.  Bursary artists may also have opportunities to access wider professional development programmes run by the organisations supporting this initiative.

Each Bursary Recipient leaves an artistic "trace" for the future.

Find out more about the Bursary Alumni

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