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Emma O'Kane Bursary


1 March 2024

Announcing the 2024 Bursary recipient Subhashini Goda.

In accepting the award she said "Acknowledging how important dedicated time and space can be for artists, this bursary will give me the opportunity to play, resist, revolt, think, accept, and transform my embodied practice in the direction I want to take in my continued artistic journey. I look forward to honouring Emma O'Kane's ethos through this deconditioning and equipping myself for such artistic transgressions, in all good cheer and seriousness - an anchoring process that would make me more confident by giving me the necessary creative vocabulary for all the endeavours to follow."


Subhashini is an interdisciplinary artist and academic from Chennai, India, specialising in Bharatanatyam. Having practised and performed the dance form for three decades, her current creative interests are in collaboration with other mediums, aiming to transgress boundaries of what is considered classical outside of its “conventional” performativity, and contemplating nostalgia and rituals. With a masters in English literature and an Erasmus international joint masters in Dance Anthropology, she is pursuing an interdisciplinary PhD funded by the IRC, at University College Dublin on placemaking and Bharatanatyam. She has showcased her work at the Clonmel Junction Arts Festival 2023, Cashel Arts Festival (2022/2023), Dublin Fringe 2023 (in “Passports”), Imagine Arts Festival 2023, and Scene and Heard 2024. She has also performed at the 2023 Festival of Irish Choreography, mentored by Susan Sentler and Rajinder Singh, and given workshops for Bharatanatyam at the Mermaid Arts Centre.

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